How to Use Instagram Stories Highlights Like a Pro


One of Instagram’s newest updates, which was implemented at the end of 2017, is the Instagram Stories Highlights feature. This update allows for personal and business accounts to archive and feature stories posts, ideally acting as a highlight of your feed.

How do you start using Instagram Stories Highlights? It’s simple– on your username and bio page, you’ll find a circle with a “+” in it. Tap that icon, and it will take you to a page with your archived Instagram Stories post. Select the stories you’re interested in, and then hit next to select a cover and title your highlights. Finally, add it to your highlights.

Instagram Stories is the perfect feature to showcase your photos, without cluttering feeds. You can add as many photos as you want that are viewable in chronological order. But you shouldn’t just select any stories for your highlights. Here’s how the pros make their pages stand out:

#1: Focus Your Highlight
Are you a business owner with a product or service to promote? A consultant who has services or clients to highlight? What about a parent interested in sharing their interests, hobbies, or expertise? Use this platform to showcase these things. Each highlight can be focused to a specific topic, and continually edited.

An excellent example would be if you consider yourself a foodie–  you can build out your highlights for specific food type (Spanish, Italian, etc.) and then update as you find new favorites. Just be sure to tag the restaurant and location in the post so others can enjoy it as well!

#2: Don’t Be Afraid to Make How-Tos
If you’re an expert in something, share it! Use this platform to make how-to videos to help others learn, whether it’s makeup, knitting, baking, grilling, or any other hobby. People are interested in learning more, and with short tutorials that keep them coming back. Even if it’s just for friends and family, you never know who might share an interest and need help improving. Once you’ve started recording your how-tos, organize them how it makes sense to you– by topic, activity, skill. Just remember to use your imagination with these videos.

#3: Use Templates to Create Covers
Define what your highlights are through your cover image. If you’re uncertain about how to showcase what your highlight is about in only 15 characters or less, you can create a custom cover image to provide more details. Apps like Canva and Ripl can help you create templates without any graphic design experience through a collection of available photos (or add your own images). Better yet, they’re free.