Why Coining an Instagram Hashtag is More Important Than Ever Before

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Dr. Who might have predicted hashtags would disappear by 2014, but here we are in 2018 and it’s actually more important than ever before to brand your business (or self in some cases) with the former pound sign.

Why you might ask? What could branding yourself with a hashtag really do for you? Hashtags– think searchable keywords on social media and microblogs– can now be followed on Instagram. Similar to how you would follow someone on this photo-centered social media platform, you can now follow a hashtag. Instagram wrote, “Now it’s even easier to stay connected with the interests, hobbies, passions and communities you care about.”

So, whether you’re infamous for using #blessed or want something unique to you, a hashtag can now gain you more followers. Popular hashtags, like those with the name of a city (#london, #philadelphia, etc.) can now put you on the map of prospective clients and customers with little to no change in what you’re doing.

How are the best ways to include this new feature into you #SocialMedia marketing? Here’s three easy and simple (but effective) ways:

#1: Keep It Classy and Simple
It’s important for your followers to remember your hashtag, so keep it sweet, simple, and to the point. If you want to use it on Twitter as well, it’s especially important that it’s short– after all, you only have 280 characters in a tweet. But, really, it’s easier to remember a short and catchy phrase than something long. There’s also less of a chance someone will misspell it.

#2: Get Your Followers to Use It
While you might think of an amazing hashtag for your business, it’s not going to help you if no one knows to look for it. Instead, encourage your followers to use it when talking about the services or products you provide. Are you a jewelry maker? Encourage followers to post photos of themselves wearing your pieces using a hashtag. Do you cater parties? People love to take photos of food– ask them to add your hashtag to their posts.

#3: Follow Hashtags in Your Field
Know what other hashtags exist in your field and follow them. Other businesses in your field will spur your ideas, and you’ll be able to engage their followers. Also, consider following hashtags for adjacent businesses (ex. would be to follow coffee companies and roasters if you own a cafe). Don’t create a bubble with only messaging going out– great marketing stays up-to-date on the latest trends.