How Blogging Builds Your Reputation


Whether you’re just starting out or a pro in your field, blogging is a great tool to share your unique message.

Blogging has evolved from the 2000-era online diary of a teenager to a forum to share an expertise. If you’re an artist– write about your specialty; a business owner– advance your marketing; a scientist– blog about advances in your field. Share your voice and build your reputation.

But how do these forums build your reputation? By developing a unique and truthful voice, you can build an audience that sees you as the expert. Take for example the social publishing tool Buffer, which built its following to over 100,000 followers in nine months by writing 150 guest blog posts. While early posts started on small blogs, Buffer was able to gradually move to larger platforms that drove more traffic to their site. Now, these followers have led to more business and revenue opportunities.

Your audience also builds your professional reputation. Huffington Post referred to blogs as the new business card– because it enables potential clients or employers to gauge your knowledge of a field. It goes further in-depth than a resume, showcasing your working knowledge of many topic– and the ability to translate those topics into “consumable” bites.

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