3 Tips To Starting Your New Blog


You’re ready to start a blog! You’ve decided on a topic; developed a catchy name and page; and researched SEO, metadata, and tagging. Now what?

Nothing can seem scarier than a blank computer screen, like it’s just waiting for the words to flow. However, with these three tips can help you overcome that writer’s block and get started on your first blog.

#1: Answer Your Own Question
Researching your topic and reading the latest news is not to be overlooked when starting your first blog. Through critical reading, you can find gaps in the blogosphere where your expertise can be showcased. Do you find yourself asking questions about what you’re reading, or getting sidetracked with Google searches? Write about it. Don’t overlook the simple questions– the who, what, where, and why.

#2: Find a Targeted Audience
You need to answer the question, “Who am I writing for?” Is it the average person? Is it for professionals in your field? Is it an academic blog targeted towards students? Is it a business blog– will you be a Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Consumer (B2C) blogger? Your audience will dictate what you write and how you write.

#3: Set a Schedule
Plan ahead so your posting is consistent. Develop a posting schedule that includes dates and topics, along with a list of keywords that are important to your field or topic (such as what people will search on Google). And keep to that schedule. Consistency will be key to keeping your audience engaged. If your blogging platform allows you to schedule posts, consider writing several posts at once and scheduling them to go out.

Bonus Tip: For your first posts, think about publishing more than one post so your blog page has a variety of content when people visit it.